Monday, October 15, 2012

Excuses, excuses, excuses

Why haven't I been blogging? One friend tried to be funny and said that I was so busy clogging that I forgot about blogging. Thats not the case, I think about it every day. Some days I get a good blog topic idea but by the time 9pm comes, I'm too drained to do anything about it. Other days are so packed that coherent thoughts do not get a chance to enter my head and at 9pm, I keep it that way by watching TV. I always feel a little guilty because this is the only place that I get to write in full sentences.

Unfortunately, Richard has started a working roster that has him away from home for three weeks at a time before getting a week off. I wouldn't say that life is 'harder' now but it is definitely more hectic. It isn't harder because I think I was already doing all the hard bits in dealing with the children all day. The extra work I do now is more to do with the chores that need to get done in the house. Thankfully, my parents are here at the moment but my days definitely start earlier and end later now.

Also, I'm constantly feeling like I'm playing catch up to how quickly Aaron and Adrian are developing. They are so receptive to anything that I want to teach them but I am not getting around to it. I have grand plans but in the end, poor Aaron has to work on things by himself and Adrian is often left to get himself into trouble.

Finally, just as this blog is supposedly where I remind myself to write in complete sentences, stock trading is where I remind myself that I have a use other than parenting. Even making a couple of hundred dollars each week provides me with a huge sense of accomplishment. So every day, when I finally get to sit down at around 9pm, I go to my stocks first before blogging. All I really want to do at that time of the day is watch TV but its too easy to fall into that trap. Surprisingly, it is my mother, the same woman who at one time limited me to an hour of TV during school weeks, who is tempting me each night.

And there you have it - all of my excuses for not blogging since we got back from Adelaide. I think the only way to get back into the blogging routine is to do it daily. This is something I haven't done for several years but I will be attempting to do that, even if its just a few complete sentences.


Bilbo said...

Blogging on a regular basis isn't easy. I always have lots of ideas on what to write, but sitting down and getting them pushed out can be hard. I don't know how you do it at all with two children. All I can tell you is that if you keep writing, I'll keep reading! Good luck.

Mike said...

Good luck with the stock trading. I never had the desire to mess with stocks on a regular basis.

johnorford said...

Blog about stocking picking!