Sunday, October 28, 2012

How was your weekend?

The inevitable question that everybody asks and gets asked on a Monday is "How was your weekend?" And, the automatic response that most people have is "Good". I know I do that and my "Good" can mean anything from 'fantastic' to 'nothing special'.

This was one of those weekends that I didn't do anything special. In fact, apart from taking Aaron to gymnastics and going to church on Sunday morning, we didn't even leave the house. So, it was a normal weekend - and it was good.

I got around to mending a lot of clothes that Aaron and I had piled up. None of the clothes needed major repair work but little tears here and there, or a loose button still takes up a bit of time to get done. While I was getting some sewing done, I also made Adrian a new pair of shorts.

The hardest job we had on the weekend was sorting the legos. Aaron and I like to have the various sizes sorted out so that its easy to find parts when we're building things.  So, I got that done while Aaron kept Adrian occupied.

Adrian definitely knows what to do with lego bricks but he is always dismembering the lego people. 

I managed to put most of them back together but there are still a few body parts missing. And I think a few people missing too.

So that was my weekend, it was fairly productive and mostly restful. What did you do?


Mike said...

Sorting legos would be torture around our house. We stil have boxes and boxes of them. All unsorted.

NomadicExpat said...

You are raising a psychopath who is into dismembering people... :-P

johnorford said...

My wknd:

Bar - Japanese restaurant - laundry - work - cooking - ironing - Argo - work - reading - phone call to the fam back in Ireland

fiona said...

This is a good idea. Sorting. I might just get Kaeden to do that this weekend with our legos.