Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Old People's" Radio Station

I can distinctly remember feeling very grumpy in the car because my mother wouldn't let me listen to the radio station that I liked. She was driving so she got to pick what we listened to - music from the 60s or 70s (I wouldn't know) and lots of talking! This must have been when I was about fourteen and I can also remember wishing that the same song would come on the radio, over and over again. The DJs were hilarious and didn't talk about boring stuff like healthy eating or a cash only lifestyle.

Well, that was twenty two years ago and I think I have officially switched over to the "old people's" radio station. I tend to switch between two radio stations. One of them has a tag line of "music from the 80s, 90s and now", which makes me think that this is probably the equivalent of whatever my mother was listening to. The breakfast and afternoon pick-up time broadcast almost always talks about something to do with family, health or finances. The other radio station I flick to plays the latest hits, repeatedly. I do like quite a bit of the music that comes on but I don't like it that I sometimes hear the same song three times on the same day. Also, the DJs there all sound like they are twenty and sitting around with their friends at a McDonald's. Today, the big discussion was what one of them should do with the tombstone that he came across while out jogging in the morning.

I definitely prefer the" 80s, 90s and now" radio station and probably only listen to the other one because of some hidden desire to be in that targeted demographic again. When did I get this old? I have become who my mother was. Radio stations aren't the only thing that I've noticed about my ageing process. There is also sensible clothes and shoes, the yearning for uneventful days spent at home and the desire to wake up early. Notice how they all can be tied to the arrival of children? Maybe I'll grow younger again after Aaron and Adrian have moved out but by then, my body would have been permanently aged and I'll have to deal with physical "old age".

It must be the tiring day I've had dealing with yet another round of illness in this house that has brought on this bleak outlook of the future. I'm sure its not going to be all that bad.

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Mike said...

Enjoy turning into your mother. One day you'll turn into your grandmother.