Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Phew! Sometimes he acts so "grown up" that I start to think that he's seven. But thankfully, he only turned six today.

Obviously, as the proud mother I am, I couldn't have wished for a more wonderful child. He's sweeter, smarter, kinder, funnier, gentler and more loving that I ever imagined he would be.

Six hours old

 First birthday with a present from his Godparents

 Waiting around for his 2nd birthday party in Palembang. 

3rd birthday party in Palembang with the neighborhood kids.

 4th birthday here in Brisbane. We spent it by the beach and had a fish and chip lunch.

And here he is today with one of his birthday presents, "Treasure Island". 


Mike said...

HBD Aaron!

Scott and Elaine said...

Yey! Happy Birthday Aaron! Have a super dooper birfday! xxx

Bilbo said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron! Best wishes from your "uncle" in the USA!

johnorford said...

Weird. I don't know you guys. But I have been following the blog so long that I recognize some of those photos... thanks for opening a window onto your lives.

Amanda said...

You're welcome. You know what else is weird? I've recently been contemplating sending Aaron for Tap classes and I remember receiving a comment once recommending that I don't subject him to that torture. I can't be sure who it is but your name came to mind. I haven't taken the time to search through all my old posts to confirm that though....