Friday, August 17, 2012

I Need To Learn Yet Another 'Language'

I thought that if I invested the time in learning about all things to do with trains, I'd be set for life with a second toddler boy. Aaron was crazy about trains and I remember needing to go find out what all the different parts of a train were called. I had to draw so many trains that I can now do it in a way super fast way that my pencil doesn't even need to leave the paper. And of course, I know the names of all of Thomas' friends!

Unfortnately, it doesn't look like Adrian is a train guy. Its all about construction equipment with him. These days, I'm trying to draw excavators, cement trucks or cranes. Today, I read to him about an all hydraulic powered ride on trowel. I'm not sure what he understands from it all but he sits there and listens attentively as I try to read about it without using my fairy tale voice. 

I don't mind this at all but I do feel a little sad that all my efforts on trains are now not going to be used.
This will be something new to learn about and I like the challenge of trying to be able to identify all the many different types of specialised equipment. Adrian is still better than me at the moment because Richard has been talking to him about the big construction equipment for some time.

Richard doesn't know when or how he did it but he keeps getting sent these magazines filled with advertisements for construction equipment. We get a new one every month - lucky Adrian. 

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Mike said...

Maybe you should post an audio file of your 'trucker' voice.