Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not Yet A Smooth Talker

We all know that when a child gives his opinion about something, its usually a very honest one. Of course, I have been treated to several less flattering remarks like "I think your bum looks a bit big in that." but I think Aaron is just repeating what I say.

As we were leaving to go to Mass this morning, Aaron noticed my new shoes and was quick to announce how good they looked, and how they looked nice on me. I thanked him and thought to myself that perhaps, he will grow up to be one of those people that genuinely compliment others.

Two seconds later, I thought I had confirmation that he was definitely going to be one of those people. Either that or a real ladies man. He was gushing about how he thought I looked very pretty today. "What did you do?" and "Did you do something different?" and "You are so pretty!" He went on and on, completely unprompted. He didn't follow on from there by asking for something and neither was he 'naughty' in the minutes before. He was just very sweet.

Yes, I got a real buzz from it and he was completely well behaved for the entire time we were at mass. Unfortunately, right at the end, as he sat there looking at me, he said "Hey Ma, I can see all the little holes on your face. They're like freckles but not. Why are they there?"

EEK! They are my pores. My ENLARGED pores! I suppose they would seem large if you look at them from 10cm away. And y'know, the light wasn't exactly very flattering either. Whatever the case, that was enough motivation for me to instantly commit to a stricter daily face cleansing/toning/moisturizing regimen. Whatever it takes!

So, he's not a smooth talker yet. Thats ok. He just needs a few lessons in tactfulness. I'd rather he was an honest person instead of one of those that are full of compliments that you're not sure if you should believe.


Mike said...

Ahhh the eye sight of kids. Almost annoying as their hearing.

Bilbo said...

Around here, the holes in the face are called mouths and, especially in Congress, they are quite large and require more than cleansing and makeup to repair. Sigh.

vw: unsha - the quality of not being sha.