Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crazy Pasta Making

I've been meaning to put up these pictures for several days now but I've had a sudden burst of inspiration and have started on several craft projects at once. Anyway, the whole family had so much fun making our own pasta for the first time that I just had to share these silly photos.

But first, a serious one of Aaron trying his hand at kneading the dough. It wasn't only his first time kneading anything, it was also mine. I've never even made play dough let alone any other type of food that needs dough. It was messy work! Our eggs went everywhere before I got things under control for Aaron to try out.

Finally, we got to try out the new pasta maker. The instructions just said to keep putting the dough through at each of the settings from one through to nine. So thats what we did...

Yes, I realise now that I should use smaller balls of dough. I also know now that I've got to have something setup to hang the cut pasta up before we cook them. This time, we grabbed some chopsticks but it wasn't practical. He eventually ended up with three chopsticks in each hand.

Dinner was a lot later than usual but we loved it. It wasn't really very hard to make and now that I know what to expect, I think we will be a lot quicker the next time. In fact, that time is going to be tomorrow but instead of making pasta, we're making 'pan mee'. This is a Hokkien style noodle - same ingredients as pasta but in different proportions.

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Mike said...

'a sudden burst of inspiration'

Treasure these bursts. They get fewer and far between the older you get.