Monday, October 17, 2011

Aaron's Carrots

Around six months ago, Aaron said that he would like to plant carrots in our garden. So, out we went to get some seedlings. I should have bought some seeds but the little punnets of seedlings looked very cute and I thought it would save us a teeny bit of time.

Over the past month, I've been trying to check on the carrots by digging around the sides. I always picked the one at the corner but that must have been the only dud one because there was no carrot there, just a little ball of pale orange.

Today, my father checked on a different one and look what we found!

We ended up pulling three out of the ground for dinner tonight. They aren't perfect looking and they didn't taste extra sweet but they were grown by Aaron.

By the way, this is the dud that I kept checking on over the past month.

I hope this was the only dud because we only had a total of 12 plants.


Scott and Elaine said...

Haha... Look what happens when you grow impatient and keep proding them! Well done though! The other ones look fantastic!

We are now full of spinaches and beans!

Mike said...

A watched pot never boils. A peeked carrot never grows.

Bilbo said...

Good job, Aaron! This year, none of my tomatoes amounted to anything (too much rain and too many deer eating the plants), and I got exactly ONE big, beautiful acorn squash that grew from seeds in my compost pile. My rosemary did very well, but the basil - for the first time - didn't. Maybe Aaron can give me some advice...?