Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grossness With Grace

Sometimes, I have to be gross. So if you're eating or don't feel like going 'EEWWWW!', you'd better come back another day.

Its a dirty, dirty job but someone's got to do it. Yes, of course I'm talking about motherhood. Everybody knows that along with the baby comes dirty nappies and spit up. But nobody can really imagine the type of gross situations that these little ones can put a parent in. So, this post may be gross but its also part of every day life in many households.

So far, I've had 'EEWWWW' situations like finding a smear of you-know-what next to Aaron's lips.

And, I've also had totally gross panic-turned-to-sheer-horror situations like when I thought Adrian was bleeding in bed next to me only to have my hand quickly covered in squishy you-know-what as I tried to check for where he was bleeding from.

After 5 years of work experience now,I think I've graduated from the Grossness Class. I may still think 'EEWWW!' to myself but those gross situations are handled as easily as wiping a snotty nose. There is no more apprehension, gagging and general squeamishness.

Last week, we had a nappy that wasn't fastened properly. This was only discovered when I noticed little brown gobs polka dotting the floor. It was a Modern Cloth Nappy which actually ups the grossness factor when it come to cleaning up. And don't forget that its winter here and Adrian had track pants with the tight ankles on. But, I didn't feel any stress about it at all. Lots and lots of wet wipes got Adrian and the floor cleaned up in no time. High powered spray of the clothes got that mess sorted.

And today, Adrian cried so hard that he vomited all over my lap. That cheeky little guy managed to keep himself completely clean. Immediately, Richard tried to take him away so I could clean up but I said "No no, he's too upset. Let him get happy first." I had him on my hip for a good 10 minutes after that, cuddling and playing with him. The smell was awful and it looked disgusting against my black pants. In the end, it was Adrian that pulled away and I think it was because the smell was getting to him.

I honestly, did not feel even the tiniest bit disgusted with all of that smelly stuff on me. That realization felt incredibly strange and I felt a strange sense of pride. I'm one of those experienced mothers. The disclaimer here is that I think my new powers only works if the situations were created by my own children.

C'mon parents, leave me a comment about your most disgusting situation.


Mike said...

It's been too long to remember any of those situations. You too will forget the gross stuff and remember the good stuff. It's a self defense mechanism.

Fiona said...

lol! in my opinion, vomitting is the worst case scenario (i hate the clean up), my first instinct to that is usually, sadly, anger, unless the boy is in a pathetic sickness mode.

there was a time, the then smaller K had a full diaper of no. 2, in a mall. i had no clean change with me, not even tissue. i walked him over to the toilet and out some popped out and landed on the floor. i only realized that on the way back to a shop after the toileting. i had to get some tissue from his grandpa and picked them up. now each time i walk pass that area, i have that memory of it replaying in my head.

Amanda said...

Mike - Yes, apart from those that I have photographic evidence, a lot of the gross stuff with Aaron is already forgotten.

Fiona - That is definitely an awful situation to be in. I hope it was in SG instead of PLM otherwise the panic level would be even worse!