Monday, August 15, 2011

Working Together With Aaron

My favorite day in each of Aaron's school terms is the day that we get to work with the child. For one whole hour every term, I get to see what he gets up to in his classroom. I wish they would make it a full day.

In the past, I've left it up to him to choose our activities but I've grown a little wiser and suggested we did one activity from each of the four areas (Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Numbers) in the classroom today.

Remember that post about Flip Flop Competitiveness? Well, since then I've probably been a little too keen to find out from Aaron what he's been up to every day. I'll admit that I've been pushing him a little and getting frustrated because I was getting the impression that he isn't interested to learn new things. Thankfully, my mind is at peace again.

The one hour was incredibly enjoyable and was over too soon. With about 20 minutes left, I noticed that I did bring my camera and couldn't resist taking just a few photos.

He didn't initially show me his work with the South American map. It was lying, neatly, to one side of the class when we walked past and I asked him what sort of game it was. Then, he told me that he had been making labels for the South American countries today. Ah....I felt proud. We sat down at it awhile and then put it aside again for him to continue tomorrow.

After the map, we went to check the laundry that some other children had hung out to dry.

Aaron showed me his newly acquired ironing skills.

I wish I could have spent more time with him there. Better yet, I wish that our home was setup that way and I could be his teacher! Its so much fun.


Mike said...

Ahhh maps. I love maps.

Fiona said...

i like that there's a subject on 'practical life'. way to go, Aaron!

Bilbo said...

Well, I guess I'm not the only man who does his own ironing...

Mike said...

@Bilbo - God made perminant press so there would be no more ironing.