Monday, October 18, 2010

Pet Tiger

Weeks and weeks ago, we went to an organic market that has sort of exploded into a sort of weekend hangout place for families. You can see that many of these families are the cloth diaper, baby wearing and not necessarily shoe wearing variety. We too are cloth diaper and baby wearing people but I don't agree with not wearing shoes outside.

Anyway, I forgot all about these wonderful photos we took of Aaron.

These were taken just a few weeks ago but as I look at him now, he already looks older. He's aging right before my eyes!


Bilbo said...

Great pictures! I missed getting pictures of my granddaughter Leya when she had her face painted as a cute!

NomadicExpat said...

Last pic -- such an Aaron pose! ;-)

Oh, there was this kids party at our apartment complex today where this little boy had the eyes/forehead area painted as if he was wearing a spider man mask. Very cool.