Monday, October 11, 2010

First Time Paper Mache

Aaron and I have been working on our first big-gish crafts project. We've always done little things that took 30 mins but this mask took us three days. So there was a lesson in patience in it as well.

Initially, he was very keen and wanted to do everything. That lasted for about three rounds of the sticking the newspaper on. So, we stopped and then picked it up again later in the day - thats why it took us two days to complete.

Here we are getting our fingers sticky with the tapioca starch glue. When we were kids in Malaysia, I remember calling this 'gum'.

I fully expected him to paint the mask in some dinosaur color but he insisted on pink - because thats the color of humans (according to him).

We used a balloon as our oval mask mould so here he is popping it with a needle. I was a split second too late with the camera.

His intention was to make a scary face mask but I'm not a very good artist and he doesn't have a very steady paint brush yet...Just imagine fierce bushy eyebrows and a big curly mustache.

I think we'll try doing this again and get Richard to help us when it comes to the painting. He's good that all that arty stuff...


Mike said...

I may be the only one but I don't remember ever using a ballon for a mold. Good idea.

NomadicExpat said...

I remember doing this! :-)

So, does this mean that I should get him another one of those 3-D puzzles? :-D

I'm going to check out those 3-D dinosaur puzzles... That way, he can put them together and also paint on them.

Yes, I think you need to leave the artsy stuff for Richard but it doesnt mean that you're not creative at all. Contrary!