Saturday, June 5, 2010

When You Mean the World to Someone (with no strings attached)

Aaron is still at the stage of saying many weird and wonderful things. I wish I had thought of keeping a little diary of all the little conversations we've had. Thankfully I have this blog to keep track of some of the things that have happened in his life.

Previously, I had a big laugh when he insisted that he was either never going to get married or he was going to marry me. He said that this was because he always wanted to live with me. Over the months, after I explained that he could still live with me (if he wanted) even if he was married, he has started saying that he will marry a Nyonya woman. Why? Because Nyonya food is delicious and she might be able to cook it for our family. So, it sounds like he still wants to live with me. (I'd better start teaching this boy that in a marriage all jobs are shared!) We've been getting such laughs out of his future marriage.

Yesterday, we had an extremely touching conversation. I think he has brought the subject up before but not as intensely. Out of the blue, he says "I don't want you to die". I started off telling him that everybody has to die. That didn't satisfy him and after many rounds of insisting that its what happens to everybody, he then says that he wants to die on the same day as me. Even if I am old and he is grown when I die.

The conversation goes on and on and I try to bring God into it which was a mistake because he worked himself up to tears saying "I don't want God to call you. I'm going to ask him not to." The tears were welling in his eyes and I could see that he really could not grasp the concept but I just couldn't stop the conversation in a satisfying way. I took the easy way out and we went to the park.

Aaron's chatting is extremely tiring and he's very noisy at the moment but still so adorable sometimes. I wish that he will stay this sweet and innocent forever. When I really am old, feeble and about to die, he might have a change of heart and start wishing that I will stop being such a pain in the neck to him.

p.s. Guess what? Big day coming up tomorrow. Its going to be Adrian's first plane trip. Look out for my next post from Ipoh, Malaysia. I can't believe its a full years since my last time there. Where did my year go???


Mike said...

"the easy way out"

See, you learn with each kid. The answer for your third one will be 'go ask your dad'.

Bilbo said...

My granddaughter Leya has said that she wants to marry me. I wish all the young ladies were as enamored of me as she is. Well, "young ladies" meaning "more than 2-1/2 years old," anyhow.