Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Flip Flops

Adrian is still flip flopping around the place. He can't sit yet and whenever we prop him up, he either flips backwards or just flops to the front or side. He is pretty good at commando crawling about the place. Staying with the commando theme, he is extremely adventurous and has been trying his best to explore the entire floor area of the house. He is determined to touch (and taste) everything he can see.

Moving away from the commando theme and on to a puppy one, he seems to like the legs of tables and chairs best! We're forced to keep pulling him back before he starts gnawing on them.

And of course, the things that are most interesting to him are all of Aaron's toys. Thankfully, Aaron has been patient, generous and most importantly, wise enough to find himself a play room. They play together sometimes but its really more Adrian chewing on Aaron's toys and Aaron trying his best to wipe the saliva off.

So, Adrian is still a long way from walking or even standing but a good friend of mine has made sure that he's still looking cool as he flips and flops around the place. Check out these Baby Flip Flops!

As the mom, I know I would be too practical to buy them myself but I am extremely appreciative of my friend's thoughtful gift. Sometimes its good to have cute but not necessarily useful things. Useful things are boring!


Scott and Elaine said...

Very Cute indeed! Love em! Hope the family is enjoying the holidays!

Bilbo said...

Those are awesome flip-flops! I have to find some of those for Leya and Elise!!

Mike said...

"but not necessarily useful things"

You've pretty much described everything in my house.