Thursday, March 18, 2010

Its All About The Dinosaurs

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas. Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. Percy, Percy, Percy.

Thats all we heard about for nearly two years in our house. Finally, sometime over the past three months, the T-Rex has finally knocked Thomas & Friends off Aaron's radar. And now, its T-Rex, Triceratops or Some-other-saurus all day long.

He has two dinosaur shirts that he alternates wearing almost every day. We listen to one of the two Dinosaur Club CDs he has all day long. Story time and drawing time are also dominated by dinosaurs. Kids! They have such passion!

It has been very interesting for me as well. The world of the dinosaurs from 200 million years ago is mind boggling. They were huge, majestic, ferocious, gentle and elegant all at the same time. Today's animals are that way too but none are as big as a house or as long as ten buses!

I got him the BBC series "Walking With Dinosaurs" and we both enjoyed it. Aaron is still unable to complete watching any kids movies or cartoons because they always get too 'exciting' for him but he watched every bit of those documentaries.

Its amazing that the scientists are able to deduce dinosaur behavior from studying fossils. How did they figure out that some dinosaurs worked as a community to protect their young? Or that some dinosaur species suffered a lot of stress when the lead female was killed?

Well, its all going to be part of the reading I'll need to do to keep answering all the questions that Aaron has for me. I'll start on that right after I go learn all their names and the spelling. I'll be the first to admit that he's better than me at identifying the various dinosaurs.

Let me leave you today with one of his many dinosaur drawings...


Mike said...

NO!!! Not Thomas!

Scott and Elaine said...

Very Talented Artist he is... Much better at drawing than I am!

Bilbo said...

Every child goes through a dinosaur phase. Two years ago I bought my older grandson a radio-controlled T-Rex (it walked, roared, shook its head, grabbed with its little claws, etc)...he loved it. The problem was, he used it to chase his little brother, who DIDN'T love it. Oh, well. Dinosaurs. Kids love 'em. And now that I'm a dinosaur myself (just ask my coworkers), I love 'em again, too.

vw - progo: what happens when a big-name athlete gets fired.

Tanya said...

Woahhhh that is an awesome drawing definately a keeper! Both my boys went through long dinosaur phases cant remember quite what came next but i have a sneaking suspicion that for the younger one it was the dreaded pokemon...eekk!