Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Need Ear Plugs

I wish I could borrow a noise level meter from somewhere. I'm sure that there are times during the day when there are enough decibels in this house to cause hearing loss. Even if I don't go deaf, my brain is definitely operating at a reduced capacity with the mess I'm often surrounded by.

Aaron has been noisy from the start. At first he was a super cryer. Then he was a constant gurgle of gibberish. And now he is a constant narrator of whatever he's doing while simultaneously trying to join in with any and all conversations around him. Ever since he figured out the CD player, he also plays his dinosaur CD repeatedly and sings along like a rock star. So, add on the times that he is whiney or demanding and you have 24 hours of non stop noise from one little guy.

Adrian is a much quieter baby and often charms us all with a sweet voice that coos and giggles. Nevertheless, he's still a newborn and they're entitled to their Xhrs of crying each day. So, sleepy time, bath time, nappy change time, need-a-burp time and just-feel-like-it tine are all noisy times that very often coincide with Aaron needing something.

And to top it all off, the birds outside are also in on the job of driving me crazy with noise. Each day, at lunch time, the tree behind our house is full of lorikeets feasting and partying. Have you ever been near a tree full of them?? The noise level is unbelievable! They're as bad as lawn mowers. And they do this everyday from about noon until 5pm.

So, are you getting a picture of the noise levels in this house? Three year old chatterbox with CD Player, two month old that communicates with crying and a tree full of partying birds! The noise sometimes makes me feel so messy inside I can't stay focused on a single thought for long. Thankfully, two of the noise sources are asleep now so all I'm hearing is the cheep-cheep-cheep. No wonder its extra hard to blog these days.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That noise sounds intense!

Mike said...

I watched or heard 'The Wizard of Oz' so many times (hundreds) I think I could have written out the script from memory at one point.

Bilbo said...

It could be could live in Washington and have to listen to all the drivel from all the talking heads on the 24-hour "news" channels. Trust me...Adiran makes more sense AND probably gets better results.