Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bursting With Pride

I've been a good daughter, good student and even a good employee. There have been many times in my life when I've been told I did a good job. I've passed difficult exams and many of my projects at work received awards. Yet, I don't think I've ever had the feeling of bursting with pride.

I did on Monday. I nearly burst! Really. I felt an actual expansion in my chest cavity. And, it was over the simplest of things and nothing really to do with me.

As we lined up to pay for Aaron's swimming lessons, he needed to pee. Couldn't wait a second longer. The line to pay was long and it was nearly our turn so, for the first time, I asked him to go by himself. And he did. He ran round the corner, into the restrooms and came out a few minutes later with a huge grin.

Each week, I get him a drink before the lesson starts. The kiosk is right on the opposite side of the pool from where we usually sit. I had the baby in the carrier and didn't want to lug it all the way the other side and risk waking the baby. Once again, Aaron, with his $1 coin in hand, walked all the way there, opened the fridge door, grabbed his juice of choice, took it to the counter to pay and came running back with another big grin. I had a big grin too as I watched the whole thing. It was his very first solo purchase.

I'm not claiming to be a good mother at all but I think only a mother (or father) could burst with pride at such simple things. These 'firsts' were as incredible to me as his first steps and first words. I was so incredibly proud that I could feel all the emotions literally swelling inside me. Even I thought it was a little crazy to feel so proud of such everyday things.

Well, I suppose its always better to be proud of somebody else rather than oneself. (Is it "one's self" or "oneself?)


Tanya said...

I still remember the pride I felt at those moments and they are still happening...enjoy this is exactly what parenting is all about!

Mike said...

Burst away!

Bilbo said...

Been there, felt that! By the way, our FIFTH grandchild was born this afternoon. I feel old...but happy.

vw - oyaning: mildly cursing in Yiddish.

Nap Warden said...


fiona said...

:) well done, Aaron!