Sunday, February 24, 2013


We have been having some fun with dominoes this weekend. Just between us, I thought that buying 100 dominoes was going to be heaps but it turned out to be a really small pack. I think we'll need 1000 to do anything remotely impressive. When I presented it to Aaron and Adrian, I really played up ONE HUNDRED. Thats a huge number when you're six.

I'll need to get more because I didn't get to build anything.


Mike said...

Are you sure those weren't really for mommy?

I don't know what the record is... It's 4,345,027 done by a group of people.

You need to start stocking up.

Bilbo said...

We just bought a 100-domino set last weekend to play when our grandchildren visit. Unfortunately, Elise (almost 3) is more interested in knocking them down long before you get enough of them set up to make an exciting show. Maybe in a few years ...