Saturday, February 16, 2013

An A+ Week

I don't think its a good idea to be rating each week but if I did, the past week would definitely be an A+. I know its not sustainable and I'm not expecting straight As but I'm giving myself a pat on the back for now.

There were multiple surprises in the mail because several items I bought over the past few weeks on eBay all arrived in the same week. Amidst the items that I knew I would eventually receive, there was also a surprise Valentine's day gift from Richard. After 14 years together, he's smart enough to know that flowers are not the way to go and a simple gift like this is going to be appreciated a whole lot more.

I also give it an A+ because I have been incredibly efficient and the house is cleaner than ever. Now that I have to do it all on my own, I've streamlined all the chores and gotten into a very effective multitasking routine. 

Strangely, the additional workload has worked some magic on my time and I seem to have more of it. Adrian is benefiting from it because we spend each morning playing around with words and numbers, drawing and just mucking around. I feel productive because I can see him making progress in his reading. 

Even after using up all that time with Adrian, I still had some left to do some serious study each night on my stocks. Its crazy isn't it? I used to think that I never had any time to do anything - and that was when I had other people helping me out around the house. 

And to top it off, I have had some good laughs this week. Sadly, I've forgotten most of them but at least I remember these three.

The first was easy to remember because Adrian has been practicing it all week. He says "Look Ma, my tongue is as long as the Maori people's tongue." He does it several times a day but it still makes me laugh. Here he is with one of the parcels I received in the mail - a photobook that I made of our trip to New Zealand. 

The second memorable conversation I had with Adrian was about the cemetary. We drive past one every day but he has never said anything before. Out of the blue, he asks "Why do we need to live in the cemetary when we die?" You can imagine how the conversation went on and on about the topic. Amongst the many logical but hard to answer questions he also asked "Do we have to close our eyes when we die?"

And, the final gem from my week was a statement from Aaron. He said "My smell buds tell me that dinner is going to be yummy."

Life has been good. A+.


John Hill said...

smell buds...I like it!

Mike said...

Smell buds got me laughing too.

Bilbo said...

That "smell buds" comment alone was worth the A+ for the week! Congratulations on your great week ... I hope you have more of them!