Friday, September 14, 2012

More On Kids And Imagination

When we were in Palembang, we lived opposite a family that had a son that was around 7 years old at the time. Aaron and I went over one day and they generously offered Aaron some toys to play with. That 7 year old's entire collection of toys fitted in one standard sized drawer. As we left their house to go home, I noticed that they could see right into our house and probably at the end of each day, all of Aaron's toys strewn over the floors.I don't think that boy missed out on anything because he had a fantastic time with his friends outdoors. I did still feel a little uncomfortable about the amount of toys our 2 year old had - were we really so greedy and materialistic? 

While Aaron had a lot in comparison to that little boy, I would classify his stash of toys as small to medium sized. And I've always tried to keep toys to a minimum in our house. I'll admit that the number of books has gone a little out of control but the toy level is acceptable. Recently, I was asked how I kept them occupied without topping up the toys throughout the year. 

Well, these photos will explain what they get up to when left alone with their toys and other things. Not long ago, I had this post on their crazy imagination. And now, we have some examples of medieval weapons. 

The Spade Catapult - you can see the shadow of the projectile in the second photo. 

The Hanger Bow with clothes peg and sandal arrow.

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Mike said...

A spade catapult, the equivalent of playing with the box the toy came in.