Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sibling Squabbles

I recently introduced the whole idea of house rules to Aaron and so far, its had some success. He understands it all and I can see that he does try to abide by them. One of the rules that seems to be gaining notoriety is #4 - Share and Be Gentle. I should really congratulate Aaron on following this one because Adrian is really pushing him to the limits. The little guy is living by toddler rules at the moment - take what you want, throw what you want, and of course, cry when you don't get what you want.

Very often, I see Aaron giving in to him voluntarily but I do feel bad for him and try to keep things fair by saying things like "Aaron is playing with it. You wait." And for that, Aaron told me I'm the best mother in the world. He really did!

Other times, usually at the end of the day, all I get is Aaron swooping in like an eagle, grabbing what he wants and then running away. Leaving Adrian crying on the floor of course. Over the past week, I've seen this progress from just crying, to crying while looking at me and pointing to Aaron and finally today, to crying, looking at me, pointing at Aaron and saying "Mine".

I'm one step away from two way "It's mine" arguments between them.

And eventually, the "He did it" finger pointing will start and probably "Why doesn't Aaron/Adrian do it?" plus all the other sibling squabbles. I know its inevitable and no matter how much I prepare Aaron for it and how much I hope and wish they will be best friend brothers, I'm sure it will happen. I need to arm myself with....don't know what yet but, something....


Mike said...

"It's mine"

Soon the 'not me' ghost (Family Circus) will show up and be living with you for years to come.

Bilbo said...

"Share and be gentle."

This is a problem for our two local grandchildren...Leya (3) doesn't quite have the concept of "gentle" down yet, and tends to be very rough with Elise (10 months). The jealousy thing doesn't help, either.

elizabeth embracing life said...

A few years back I met with a woman over my lack of desire for anything more outside of my home life. Is something wrong with me. Others get frustrated because I would pass on a girl's night out, and prefer to just hang with my family. It's called contentment. It's called being present and accounted for. Your boys will know you and you know them. I enjoy every minute with all FIVE of my kids. Not always easy, not always caught in the most stylist of fashions, but I am content in being a mom. Enjoy it. I say this as the last one goes off to school next year.