Monday, February 1, 2010

Please, could I have January again?

Hey! Where did January go? My days are pretty much identical and with a routine that is almost the same in the day time and at night, I feel as if the entire month of January has just been one long day. Its gone by so quickly and the baby is already a month old. We have been getting a lot of attention when out and about because he was so tiny but over the past week, he has really expanded. He is a whole 1kg heavier than when he came home!

I want him to stay a newborn for longer. I don't mind that right now I'm typing with one hand and he is curled on my belly with a wet nappy. It has taken awhile to get him to sleep so I don't want to wake him just yet by changing him. I don't mind sleeping in a semi reclined position and holding him all night if that makes his colic more bearable. I'm happy with all this extra work. The only thing I miss right now is more uninterrupted time with Aaron. I think he really misses me and I miss him too.

Now here's some irrational thought: The reason why I want Adrian to go slow with the growing up is because I keep thinking that it will be the last time I get to look after a newborn. My mother has been extremely hands on helping us and really enjoying it. BUT, since I only have sons, it may mean that if I ever get to be a grandmother, I may not have the opportunity that she now has. I think new mothers will always look to their own mothers for help and support. I know, its crazy to think so far ahead. But, when its 3am and you're holding a sweet little newborn in the quiet of the night AND enjoying it, funny thoughts like that pop in all by themselves.

Here is a photo from last week:


Mike said...

You can have January back only if we can ship you all the cold and snow. Aaron would appreciate the snow. Adrian not so much yet.

fiona said...

happy full month old, Adrian! any traditional celebration going on there? red eggs? :)

sweet photo of the boys and i see your pretty rocking chair there.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The only good thing about January for me is that my birthday is in it. Otherwise, it's cold.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I understand what you think are silly 3am thought on your boys and mothering. I know that I pray my boys will find young ladies who have good mothers. It's selfless prayer because there would be less of a need for me in their life and I get that. Love and Embrace those beautiful boys of yours.