Friday, February 19, 2010

Hidden Blessings in Palembang

After complaining about life being too much of a routine during our two years in Palembang, we've indulged in a lot of flexible time since coming to Brisbane. Bed, bath and meal times have been much more relaxed and there have been many days with no order at all because its so easy to spend a day out.

Aaron seems to cope with it because there is still the rough outline of a routine. Things like a shower always being followed by dinner and stories always before bed still happen so he still knows what to expect.

Its the new baby that I'm starting to worry about. "They" always say that babies thrive on routine. With Aaron, he seemed to teach us his routine, and very vocally too. Adrian is much more laid back and will do whatever, whenever. It is only now that he seems to demonstrate that he knows when night time is and I think I'll have to start teaching him about going into his basket at 7 or 8pm for the night. So far, I've been lazy and nursing him in front of the TV and then carrying him while he sleeps. I get to watch lots of TV this way. Its the same with computer time. He's asleep on my left shoulder right now! Anyway, for my future sanity, I think I should start training him soon. See, in Palembang, both Aaron and the place dictated that life would be lived to a predictable routine seven days a week. Maybe we start here in March. (And maybe then I'll get back to regular blogging.)

The other thing I miss about Palembang is the it seemed so easy to save money there. We're still quite good with managing expenses here but I'm a bit sore about this month's spending. The worst part is that we didn't even get any joy out of the extra spending. The first one was when I accidentally clipped the front tyres on a curb. It was shredded! We only have a little car but it was in for a service and they gave us a huge SUV as a replacement. And of course, I underestimated how wide it is. Those big wheels are PRICEY!! And then a storm earlier this week knocked out or modem, wireless router and the ethernet card on one of the computers. There's more money down the drain. (Yes, yes, surge protectors.)

So sometimes a more predictable (and I don't mean boring) life, like the one in Palembang, isn't so bad after all.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

Regular blogging needs to go back to the top of the list.

(I can type. No really I can.)

Wv: samilk - What Adrian wants.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's so easy to get used to the ways of one place.

elizabeth embracing life said...

My life is always more calm with structure. I am not a slave to structure, but I know my boys are happier and more productive. I am vowing to bring structure back in a few short days. I have been lazy and tired, which is another thing I am less productive when I have no structure in my life.