Saturday, March 17, 2007


OK. Its not funny anymore. Its ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING! And it happens every day. Would you believe that we're limited to 2200W in this house? I don't know what our other houses have all been and never realised that there was a limit but this is crazy.
No A/C if you want to use the microwave.
No microwave if you want to use the hot water.
No A/C in the living room if somebody wants to sleep and somebody else wants to iron.

We are constantly needing to remember what appliances are on and what we need to turn off if we want to use something.

Alright, so how much does it cost to upgrade the power? RM450. Not a lot. BUT, it will cause the monthly electricity tariff to fall in a category that is twice as expensive as it is now. SO, even if we upgrade the power, it might mean that we have to pay our own electricity bill. Thats currently being paid by the company.

Just another one of the little quirks we have to get used to living in a less developed country.

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Minghan said...

haha, this is the first time i heard of such thing. i thought they only do it for internet where you are limited to x MB per month of data download/upload