Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Now what?

Its strange. I browse through other people's blogs all the time. I always marvel at how basic it must be to just write about everyday things had have that capture the attention of total strangers. It can't be all that hard to write about life. But now that I have gone and set up my own, I have no idea what to write about.

Are people interested to know that I've been married for six and a half years? Or that my darling son is only nearly 6 months and already balding? That my parents are pretty cool and I have a new sister-in-law?

I was a stay at home wife for the past couple of years. That was fun....And now, I'm a stay at home mom although at the moment, I don't have a home. We will be moving to Palembang, Indonesia in a month's time so right now, we're living with my parents in Ipoh, Malaysia.

My baby is exclusively breastfed. And I mean EXCLUSIVELY. No water, no juice, nothing, until he reaches the 6 month mark. Against the advice of my mother, I've only let my baby cry it out once and totally regretted it. I guess I have more of an Attachment Parenting style. We co-sleep.....breastfeed on demand. Also, because of the moving and packing of all our stuff, Aaron is quite frequently in my arms. He's a contented and happy little baby.

Here's a photo of the baldy little guy.


Alex Ramses said...

some people have similar stories to tell, the way we tell those stories is what makes it different.

Amanda said...